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High Shank Adaptor


High Shank Presser Foot Adapter/Holder

  • Universal High Shank Metal Snap-On Presser Foot Adapter Ankle for Sewing Machine
  • Material: ALL Steel Metal
  • Simple and practical design, easy to use
  • Only to snap onto the holder on the machine
  • Fit for High Shank sewing machine

Key Features:
This snap-on adapter allows you to use snap-on feet with your high shank machine.With this shank, you can attach all your snap-on presser feet to be used on industrial/ high shank machines and High Shank domestic machines
New options for techniques using this presser feet ankle with your High Speed/Professional sewing machines. This high shank attaches to your machine, allowing you to attach and use a wider variety of optional snap-on feet.

Alternate code: 5011-2

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6.5 INCH Square Patchwork Ruler


  • Sew Easy Qult Ruler. 6.5 Inch x 6.5 Inch.
  • Made from tough, durable acrylic.
  • Laser-cut for smoother, more accurate cutting.
  • Improved, sharper, two-color grid with all essential measurements clearly marked.
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A1 cm/inch Double-sided Cutting Mat (self-healing) (600mm x 900mm)


A1 Double-sided Cutting Mat (self-healing) (600mm x 900mm)

  • High-quality PVC construction
  • Self-healing, 5 Layer
  • Size: 600mm x 900mm
  • centimetre and inches

*The picture may differ slightly. Colour may vary according to stock

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9.5 Inch x 9.5 Inch Square Patchwork Ruler


  • Ideal for those small blocks
  • Add to your quilt ruler collection
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Ladder Lock Strap Adjuster – Curved


Easy web strap adjustment to secure any strap in place and for easy ajdustment.

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Strap Adjuster


Slide buckle can be used for webbing, fasteners strap, nylon webbing, camping bag belt, handbag bag, purse, suitcase, backpack, sports equipment, pet collars, DIY etc.

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Metal Bobbin no hole for Industrial Sewing machines


For single needle straight stitch machines (not needle feed or walking foot models)

Sold individually ( each)

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