7 Piece French Curve Ruler Set- Metric


7 PCS French Curve Ruler Set

  •  The rulers are made of durable plastic material, which is clear, durable, high accuracy, good flexibility. It’s easy for us to draw pictures on paper.
  • Scale on the rulers for easy and clear measurement, line detail and clear,ideal tool for manual cutting plate making.
  • They are transparent so you can see through the plastic to the fabric and make adjustments easily. Perfect for beginners and experienced users to make your own clothes.
  •  This is a surprise gift for someone who begins with sewing and tailoring and who wants to try new tools or someone who is more involved with sewing.
  • The rulers are widely used for drawing, cutting, plate and other clothing design for students, designers, pattern maker and tailor, you can choose this ruler sets to DIY
  1. 1*3250 Curve Ruler
  2. 1*6403 Button Ruler
  3. 1*3231 Comma Ruler
  4. 1*6301 Armhole Ruler
  5. 1*3245 Multifunction Cutting Ruler
  6. 1*B55 Ruler
  7. 1*Sewing Wheel

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