Rigilene Polyester Boning


Sold per metre

2 Colours available : White or Black

2 Sizes available : White or Black

The Sew Through Boning is useful for a wide variety of applications.

The Boning is used for areas that require light support and structure.

The advantage of using Rigilene Boning is that you can sew right through it, eliminating the need for a boning casing. Simply sew it right onto your garment.

Use this boning for garments such as strapless dresses, the lower cups of bras, and bustiers. Use the 8mm boning for light support and structure, use the 12mm boning for heavier support and structure.

The boning is also available in 2 colours, Black and White. Use the White boning for lighter coloured garments and the Black for darker coloured garments. This boning is sewn directly onto the garment with no casing, therefore, choose the colour according to your project.

Remember to finish the ends of the Rigilene before sewing it into your garment. Simply heat the ends with a match or lighter to melt the rigid interior strands. This will keep the strands from poking through your garment.