Cordless Electric Rotary cutter 70mm blade

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  • Professional handheld portable heavy-duty battery operated rotary cutter.
  • This cordless heavy duty electric shear works like a pair of hand shears only faster, cleaner and easier.
  • This rechargeable cutter will chomp cleanly and quickly through layers of fabric, leather, vinyl, carpeting, and even fibreglass up to 25mm (1 inch) thick!
  • The 70mm eight-sided rotating blade works against a carbide-tipped stationary counter blade becomes a self-sharpening combination.
  • The powerful brushless motor comes with a heavy-duty 2.2Ah battery pack  A single charge of the will run for approx 50-60mins of continuous operation  (depending on material and thickness). .
  • Also includes built-in simple touch sharpener to extend the life of each blade. 

    Cuts the following materials:

    Upholstery Fabrics, Drapery Fabrics, Apparel Fabrics, PVC, Foam, Rubber, Foam, Paper, Canvas, PVC, Insulation and Carpet. DO NOT CUT METAL OR HARD PLASTIC

  • Features:

    • Powerful cutting motor with ergonomic balance makes it the most popular handheld layer cutting tool used by all types of professionals.
    • Ideal for carpeting, PVC, linoleum, foam, rubber, leather, cork, and textile fabrics with ease.
    • 70mm 10 Sided rotary blade and carbide stationary blade are a self-sharpening combination.


    • Blade Size: 8-sided blade 70mm
    • Cutting Capacity: 25mm (1 inch)
    • Blade Speed: 1000rpm
    • Voltage: 240V battery pack 
    • Weight: 1.0kgs (with 2.2Ah battery)

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Sonja Verster
Quick safe time

Quicker when working, Little bit heavy for small ladies. easy to use, Battery lasts longer than expected.