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Siera Dressmaker Doll 

 The Siera dressmaker doll comes in bright red and has an 8-part body.Its sturdy form and 12 manageable adjustment dials ensure an easy to use and durable companion, suitable for designers and dressmakers alike.


  • The adjustment stations fine-tune the form to the correct size and shape quickly and accurately,
  • the base offers balance during usage,
  • and the torso is covered with 100-percent raised loop nylon that is made to last for years.

Lets you change the mannequin's width and height, allowing you to easily make alterations and adjustments to your garments and pin your designs in place on the foam-backed nylon cover. The lightweight stand features a four-pronged leg for support and a customary swivel-turn handle.Get professional seamstress quality results with the Siera dressmaker doll!

Dressmaker Doll Features:

  • 12 adjustable dials
  • Adjustments can be made for waist size and height
  • Torso is covered with a 100% raised loop nylon face with 100% nylon lining and laminated foam backing for durability
  • Foam-backed nylon cover allows easy pinning and marking
  • Includes neck, pin cushion and pen hem marker
  • Four legged stand
  • Adjusts in four sizes
  • Full shoulders for a better hang to sleeves
  • Pin grip hem marker

The  Siera dressmaker doll comes in two sizes: Siera 150 Size

  • Size 8-16 (S-L)
  • Bust: 84 — 100 cm / 33 — 40 in
  • Waist: 64 — 80 cm / 25 — 32 in
  • Hips: 86 — 102 cm / 34 — 41 in

Siera 151 Size

  • Size 16-22 (L-XXL)
  • Bust: 100 — 116 cm / 40 — 46 in
  • Waist: 77 — 93 cm / 31 — 37 in
  • Hips: 101 — 117 cm / 40 — 46 in

This adjustable dressmaker form is one of the best handy dressmaker dolls for any dressmaker!

Customer Reviews

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Bernadette Burger
Dressmaker doll

Very happy with my purchase. Delivery was very quick, received her within 2 days . Product good quality and making my life much easier.

Adri Meintjes
Dressmaker doll

Can't wait to get started!!

Catharina Elizabeth Willemse
Dressmaker doll

I’m so happy with “her”. Service from Stich and Go is beyond great!

Vaughn Eybers
Dress maker doll

Very happy with service even fulfilled after looting took place. Was mailed and telephonically informed on progress. My wife is very happy with the product.

Heila M C Opperman
Very Good

Excellent service