Overcast Presser Foot

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Overcast Presser  Foot

  • Color: Silver.Material: durable hard metal.Length:36mm, Width: 16mm.
  • Fits all low-shank sewing machines, including Singer, Brother, Viking, Janome, Elna 
  • Can be snap on foot without using a screwdriver.
  • The overcast foot is a good tool for stitching over raw edges easily and neatly.
  • Simple and practical design, and easy to use

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Zamo Zikhali

I'm very much impressed 👌

Chantelle Kruger

Ive wanted one so bad . It just makes sewing so much easer. Package arrived in 3 days time. Thankyou

I need it

It looks perfect 🥰

Bieshneen Dolley
Overcast Presser foot

I order 4 new snap-on Presser feet for my new hobby (zipper, manual button hole foot, overcast & narrow hem) . They all worked great. But the Overcast Presser foot had a very weak center bar so when I was learning to use the foot for the first time my needle hit the bar and after 2 errors of figuring out which stitches work best with the foot the bar snapped. It was very weak metal. Overall love my other new snap-on Presser foot collection 😊🎉❤

Mariaan Herbst
Overcast Presser Foot

Absolutely love it