Schmetz Triple/ Drilling Domestic Sewing Machine Needle

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Schmetz Triple/ Drilling Domestic Sewing Machine Needle

  • Now it is possible to stitch just like the professionals, even when they are using industrial machines costing £3000 to produce the exact same result. This triple or drilling point needle has one shank, but 3 needle points and eyes.

    How to use it:
    Thread the machine with 3 different coloured threads, and thread one colour per eye, set the machine to sew straight at a slow to medium speed to produce 3 perfectly parallel straight lines. It looks fantastic on hems.

    These needles are suitable for all domestic sewing machines.

    The needle code is: 130/705H also known as 15x1 where the shank is flat one side and round the other.

    Manufactured by "SCHMETZ".

    Schmetz company specialise in manufacturing precision high quality sewing machine needles.

    Triple point:
    Sizes: 1 x 12 (80) each needle point is 1 mm apart.